Fiji's people and history

The Fiji Islands are rich in history and legend. There is little doubt ancestors of the Fijian people arrived in these islands over 3,000 years ago and Fijian's today continue to celebrate their colourful culture and history. Many of the islands we visit are home to traditional Fijian villages. Our day cruise visitors are welcomed into the villages and culture with genuine warmth and hospitality. On many of the day cruises, guests are invited to participate in traditional rituals, such as the meke and kava ceremonies. 

The Meke

You'll see this on many of the islands. In fact, most of the islands we visit welcome all visitors as they step ashore with a meke performance. Music is an integral part of the rich culture of the Fiji Islands and the 'Meke' performance embraces traditional song and dance to conjure up the legends, love stories, spirits and history of Fiji through symbolic movements. The melody of Fijian songs are simply mesmerising and moving!

A bilo of Yaqona (kava)

Yaqona, also known around the Pacific as 'kava', is Fiji's national drink. Made from the pulverised root of a kava plant, it has long been known to have medicinal qualities. The drinking of kava is a formal ceremony which can be experienced during day cruises to many of the islands.