Supporting Fiji's Islands

Fiji's people and environment is highly important to South Sea Cruises

We are Fijian and our people are Fijian. We love our country with a passion, which is why we operate a business that showcases our beautiful islands to tourists. We believe the islands and culture of the islanders are the most important aspects of our company and we want to ensure these gems of the South Pacific will be preserved for all to enjoy, today and tomorrow.

Two organisations we support that really make a difference in Fiji are Vinaka Fiji and the Mamanuca Environment Society.

Vinaka Fiji - Voluntourism programmes in Fiji's Islands

The Yasawa Islands at first glance are certainly 'paradise' and it's this perfection that most travellers experience. However, to the people who live in remote island villages in the Yasawas, paradise is far from reality. These small communities live without the basic needs of fresh water, power, education and health facilities. Awesome Adventures Fiji, the sister company to South Sea Cruises, is the major sponsor of Vinaka Fiji and support them in both fundraising and through their voluntourism programmes in Fiji's Yasawa Islands.

The programs and the work done by the Trust help to improve the basic needs and amenities missing from village life in the Yasawas.

How you can help

You can make an online donation or for more information on the volunteering opportunities in the islands visit

The Mamanuca Environment Society 

South Sea Cruises is a member of the Mamanuca Environment Society. The Society was created in March 2003 out of growing concern for the fragile marine and terrestrial ecosystems in this region. Local village communities, tourism operators, government and non-governmental organisations are collaborating and working towards preserving and protecting this Mamanuca Group of Islands.

These initiatives are to raise awareness and promote sound environmental practices for the benefit of future generations of communities living, working and visiting the Mamanuca group. 

South Sea Cruises work in partnership with Mamanuca Environment Society in developing sustainable environmental practices and projects. For more information visit