• Destination Fiji

    Destination Fiji

Fiji is a strikingly beautiful country, consisting of more than 300 pint-sized Pacific islands. Encircling each island is a warm, turquoise lagoon busy with vibrant coral and fish life, while onshore swaying coconut trees line white sandy beaches. But what makes Fiji so special are the people who call it home; they welcome visitors with genuine warmth, generous smiles, and a laidback nature.

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly activities, adventure, or simply basking in the sun on a secluded beach – every island we visit offers something unique for visitors. There’s no doubt you’ll find your own slice of paradise in Fiji by getting off the mainland and exploring the islands that have made the country famous with South Sea Cruises.

For each of our Fiji island Day Trips, our knowledgeable crew will share the features and highlights that make each location special in its own right.

Islands we visit

Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands

Fiji’s picturesque Mamanuca Islands are dotted throughout the sparkling waters just off the coast from Denarau. They are generally tiny in size, but outstanding in beauty and are true treasures of the South Pacific.

The Mamanuca Islands are world-renowned, not just for their beauty, but also for their huge array of activities on offer including snorkelling, diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing… the list goes on! Most of the islands have resorts on them, adding cocktails, delicious dining, sun loungers, hammocks, and alluring swimming pools into the mix.

These islands are a ticket to paradise and can be experienced on one of our Fiji Island Day Trips or via our Resort Transfers.

Fiji’s Yasawa Islands

Continue cruising north from the Mamanuca’s and you’ll come face-to-face with the majestic, awe-inspiring Yasawa’s– arguably some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes, consisting of a chain of 20 ancient islands. Their volcanic rocky peaks give them a demanding presence, softened by the unspoiled golden sandy beaches and crystal clear lagoons.

The remoteness of these islands means they’re far from the beaten track, but South Sea Cruises operate daily in the region with the Yasawa Flyer, delivering both Resort Transfer guests and in some cases day trippers to these ancient beauties with our Yasawa Island Day Trips

Supporting Fiji’s Islands

At South Sea Cruises, we are Fijian and our people are Fijian. We love our country with a passion, which is why we operate a business that showcases its beauty to tourists. We believe the destinations and culture of the islanders are the most important aspects of our company and we want to ensure these gems of the South Pacific will be preserved for all to enjoy today and tomorrow. Two organizations we support that really make a difference in Fiji are Vinaka Fiji and the Mamanuca Environment Society.

Vinaka Fiji

The Yasawa Islands at first glance are ‘paradise’ and it’s this perfection that most travellers experience. However, to the people who live in remote island villages in the Yasawas, paradise is far from reality. Some of these small communities live without the basic needs of fresh water, power, education, and health facilities.

Founded in 2010 by South Sea Cruises Group, Vinaka Fiji is a charitable organization that gives back to the remote villages and communities of the Yasawa Islands and is how South Sea Cruises says ‘vinaka’ (thank you in Fijian) for creating and maintaining one of the world’s truly special destinations.

The fundraising programmes and work done by Vinaka Fiji help to improve the basic needs and amenities missing from village life in the Yasawas. If you wish to help, you can make an online donation, or for more information on voluntourism opportunities in the islands visit www.vinakafiji.org.

The Mamanuca Environment Society 

South Sea Cruises is a member of the Mamanuca Environment Society which was created in 2003 out of growing concern for the fragile marine and terrestrial ecosystems in this region. It brings local village communities, tourism operators, government, and non-governmental organizations together to collaborate and work towards preserving and protecting this area with initiatives to raise awareness and promote sound environmental practices for the benefit of future generations of communities living, working, and visiting the Mamanuca group.

South Sea Cruises works in partnership with the Mamanuca Environment Society to develop sustainable environmental practices and projects. For more information visit mesfiji.org.

Fiji’s People and History
The Fiji Islands are rich in history and legend. The ancestors of the Fijian people arrived in these islands over 3,000 years ago and Fijians today continue to celebrate their colourful culture and history. Many of the islands we visit are home to traditional Fijian villages. Our day trip visitors are welcomed into the villages and culture with genuine warmth and hospitality. On many of the day trips, guests are invited to participate in traditional rituals, such as the meke and kava ceremonies.

The Meke
You’ll see this on many of the islands. In fact, most of the islands we visit welcome all visitors as they step ashore with a meke performance. Music is an integral part of the rich culture of the Fiji Islands and the ‘Meke’ performance embraces traditional song and dance to conjure up the legends, love stories, spirits, and history of Fiji through symbolic movements. The melody of Fijian songs is simply mesmerizing and moving!

A bilo of Yaqona (kava)
Yaqona, also known around the Pacific as ‘kava’, is Fiji’s national drink. Made from the pulverized root of a kava plant, it has long been known to have medicinal qualities. The drinking of kava is a formal ceremony that can be experienced during day cruises to many of the islands.

  • One of the best experiences I've had in a long time. The island was beautiful, super friendly staff always ready to help. Snorkeling and kayak equipment were complimentary. The food was great, and the infinity pool was something I'd never experienced. Highly recommended!
    Mike, 2023
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  • Best day trip in Fiji! Lots of activities, easy access to bus transfers and wonderful staff – very open and accommodating. If you're in Fiji it is a must do trip!
    Review of South Sea Island
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    Kim, 2023
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  • This was so much fun. Staff were awesome. Island is great with plenty to do. Lots of room to sit around relaxing. Trip was well priced.
    Julian, 2023
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  • Sabre was an absolute dream experience. The boat is amazing and a real asset for Fiji, the crew were accommodating and fun. There was plenty of seating on the ship. I would recommend it to all. Thank you South Sea Cruise, yet another great trip with your company.
    Bruce, 2023
    Review of South Sea Sailing
  • This was an absolutely fantastic trip and a lifetime highlight for us!!! We were greeted on the island with music and singing! The guides were exceptional and we saw sharks and turtles. Highly recommend!

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